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Along with a termite inspection, you should have a professional property inspection performed. The termite inspection is customarily paid for by the seller. However, the professional property inspection will be paid for by you, the Buyer. This is for your benefit because a professional property inspector will be able to find those things that are not easily seen. And in most cases, they will find problems with the house that the seller was even aware of.

You’ll want to have a property inspection done as soon as possible for two reasons. One, you want to allow yourself time within the specified time periods to review and approve the report. Two, you want to give the seller time to review and approve any repairs you may request.

Generally, the property inspection is for your knowledge. You are allowed to ask for repairs to be done. However, the seller is not obligated to accept all your requests for repair. At this point, you and the seller will need to reach an agreement of what repairs must be done and what repairs you can do yourself once you’ve moved in the property. Sometimes it’s best to ask for those repairs that pose a health or safety concern first, then try for cosmetic repairs.

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