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If you have been debating about what to do with your home, our free home valuation and consultation can be a huge value to you and your family. Not only will you be able to learn the current market value of your home, but we can also get you information on pricing strategies, lender options,  preparing your home for sale, and provide your with a sellers Net Sheet which will let you see the detailed cost of selling your home.

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Keep track of your homes equity!

One of the best parts of home ownership is earning equity on your home. With the market finally leveling out, we are seeing most homes already making gains in equity. I know as a home owner myself, I love to see what homes have sold for in my neighborhood so I can see how much equity I have gained.  So I have developed program using our broker MLS system to send equity reports to home owners on a monthly basis. The reports are free to you, and will keep you up to date on housing activity for your particular track. Allowing you as a home owner to watch housing trends in your area by simple glancing at the emails sent to you. Its a great way to see your investment grow, and enjoy one of the biggest rewards of being a homeowner, which is equity!

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