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What repairs should I do


Painting the interior is inexpensive and can really justify value to your house. Make sure you keep the color neutral. Using an off-white color will brighten up the walls and make them look new and clean. Avoid using any favorite colors that match your furniture and your own color scheme. Remember, your moving out of this house, so don’t "personalize" it.


Carpet. Should it be replaced or not? Many sellers agonize over this issue. Take a good look around and inspect the condition of the carpet. Sometimes, just calling in a professional carpet cleaner can really make a difference. However, if you have a certain color of carpet (like burgundy or green), and it’s faded, you may want to consider offering a "carpet allowance." A carpet allowance is usually better to offer than replacing it yourself. A carpet allowance means you take what you would have spent replacing it yourself and offer it the buyer. This is sometimes better for a few reasons. First the buyer sees it as an incentive, and second, it gives the buyer a little joy knowing that they get to pick out their own carpet (much like buying a brand new home). Plus, you really are better off letting the buyer handle the carpet replacement because, even if the color is right, they could still complain about the quality.

Windows and Screens

Be very careful to look over windows and screens. If a window is cracked, replace it. Is there a torn window screen? Replace it too. Unless these items are made part of the "Transfer Disclosure Statement," they need to be in good condition before the close of escrow. The buyer will have their home inspector go through the property to look for things like this, and more than likely they will want these things fixed anyway. So rather than trying to get it done when you’re in escrow (when you doing many other things, like packing and looking for your next home), you will already have that done.


If there is anything attached to the house that you want to take with you (like a chandelier that’s been in your family for years) make sure you take it down before buyers start coming through. According to the purchase agreement, fixtures are included unless you make it very clear from the beginning that it is not. Even then, it may cause miscommunication problems. So, it’s best to avoid them from the beginning.

Some fixtures you want to consider replacing or adjusting are faucets, cabinet handles, and door handles, toilets, electrical outlets, doors, etc.. These little things are inexpensive and can really spruce up the house throughout. If these items are in good condition, then perhaps a good polishing is in order.

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