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Four Features that determine highest price

  • Location – The value of a house not only varies on the desirability of a city, but also what neighborhood it is in, and what amenities are located nearby (shopping, transportation, school, etc.).

  • Features – Upgrades and special features of a house add value as well. Things like a pool, spa, bay window, view, bedrooms, square footage, remodeling, etc. all affect the highest possible price.

  • Condition – Overall condition has a great impact of what the "perceived" value is. The better maintained a house appears to be, the more confident a Buyer will feel offering full value because it gives the impression that you have taken very good care of not only things that are obvious, but also things that are not.

  • Market timing – Is it a Buyer’s market or Seller’s market? Depending which one of these is the current market will determine what the highest possible price for your house can be. Also, what cycle is the economy in? Prosperity or recession?

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