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When you are buying a home, you will most likely have an home inspection or you may choose to do a visually inspection yourself. which is great for things like light switches, heating/AC, test the water faucets and so on. 

But it is also very import that you  know about what you can’t see, and perhaps things that have happened in the past regarding the property. The seller is usually obligated to provide disclosures regarding the condition of the property (past and present), Like what kind of natural hazard zone the property is in (flood, fire, earthquake etc.), and if it’s a condominium, documentation regarding the homeowner’s association. Plus there may be other disclosures required in the area the home is in like if its within so many miles of a prison, or nuclear power plant.

Most disclosures are automatically required per contract. This is the contract that you wrote your offer on. Your agent will assist in providing any disclosure they can. This is very important because you want to have time to review and approve these documents.

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